Find Pure Copper Vessel

You should simply clean your copper thing with a combination of table salt and vinegar and afterward notice the shading change to see whether your article is made of copper. Assuming the shading that comes out in the wake of cleaning shinning rosy earthy colored, it is in fact copper in an impressively unadulterated structure


  pure copper bottle

INSIDE CLEANING OF THE COPPER VESSEL: Put some lime, salt & warm water in the pot, rinse for few minutes then shake the pot and clean with normal water, cleaning with a brush not required. 

OUTSIDE CLEANING OF THE COPPER VESSEL: Don’t use scrubber/chemicals, As lacquer coated is done for the protection of the original copper color. Use a soft cloth to wipe water drops and remove strains on the pot. Small blackish spots may form on the pot due to oxidation. Tamarind, cleaning powder/liquid gel is used for cleaning purposes. 

BENEFITS: Water stored in a copper vessel for 8hrs is beneficial for health. 

NOT TO USE: Don’t use the bottle for storing anything other than water. Do not deep fridge the pot. 

NOTE: Negligible dents, lacquer coating smell on the body will not affect the benefits of the products.